Roswell 1947 – Twin Stick Shooter

Twin stick shooter – Roswell 1947. This is a WIP Developer Build (April 2017). This early build shows some of the gameplay and movement of the flying saucer.

For Mac OS X and Windows.

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Puzzle Run Gold: Upcoming iPhone Game

Puzzle Run Gold is a new upcoming puzzle game for iPhone. It features a new puzzle concept and in-depth strategy elements. The aim of the game is to earn as much gold as possible.

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Onslaught Dev Update v0.06

v0.06 Changes:
– overhauled the prototype artwork / completely new look
– play in 3D (was previously restricted to top-down view)
– added ‘Help’ button; explains controls
– new controls work in 3D (spin around focus, zoom in / out)
– add warning indicator that points to newly spawning enemies
– redesigned level sequence
– added new “boost” item; place near turrets and can be configured to increase shoot frequency or range.
– fixed issues with enemy navigation around slower moving enemies.
– added some basic sound effect work for all items and enemies
– improved water splash effect
– misc. fixes

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Onslaught Dev Update v0.05

v0.05 Changes:
– added restart option
– added victory detection
– added new tougher enemy / 2nd wave
– added spawn “covers” / prevents placing turrets on top of the enemy
– added wave / progress bar
– fixed issue with stuck enemies
– misc. fixes


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Onslaught Dev Update v0.04

v0.04 Changes:
– updated main menu / loading system
– added proper “level” (with nicer graphics and water)
– added nav mesh system
– added nicer font
– increased base level enemy health (makes game more challenging)
– removed WebGL version (odd issues / differences with binary versions)


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Onslaught Dev Update v0.03

v0.03 Changes:
– fixed placement bug where area would be clear but you couldn’t place turret or barrier
– added 3D placement (and rock to place a turret on)
– fixed bugs with turret aiming / firing in certain cases


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Onslaught Dev Update v0.02

v0.02 Changes:
– added barrier item
– adjusted cost of turret
– new item placement / hold Left Ctrl to rotate item prior to placing it
– click placed items to see range and health status

Onslaught Dev WIP

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Dawn of the Robot Empire – Update v1.0.5

Steam Store Link

Witness first hand the Dawn of the Robot Empire. Can you stop the invading robotic forces from another galaxy? Blast your way to victory in this retro sci-fi shooter. You’ll need fast reflexes and an accurate aim to win.

Available NOW on Steam / Early Access.

v1.0.5 Changes:
– Added new ‘spin robot’
– Reworked later enemy waves to include new robot and last longer.
– Improved standard robot movement
– Improved hover bot homing bullet deflection with shield (more accurate / faster response)
– Improved physical interaction of staff / shield with the world and new spin robot.
– Added build version to pause menu.
– Added new audio effects for player damage (from blades, rocks or electric shock).
– Fixed bug with standard robot lightning attack (if gravity is off).
– Fixed bug with spider climbing up steep incline.
– Fixed bug to prevent snake eye from being damaged when speared simply by shaking staff.



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Dawn of the Robot Empire – VR Game – Oculus Rift – Windows

Here is my first developer video for my new VR game. Currently running on a DK2 Oculus Rift using a PS3 and Move controller in lieu of an Oculus Touch controller (not available yet).

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TriBlaster3 is available now in the App Store



Shoot enemies, survive, gain lives and achieve the highest scores possible all in an old school vector style game. START! Control the TriBlaster in an unknown dimension and bring down your foes The goal is to survive and achieve high scores. LEVEL COMPLETE! Retro-games were never easy, and this ain't changing. Go go go! There are 100 levels waiting for you! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Completing levels isn't enough when you're a hardcore player, and what you need is more challenge, right? Some of them achievements are hard to find. GAME OVER! The good old "Game Over" screen, can't live without it. Features: - 60 fps on latest devices... the smoother the better! - Start new game where you left off / records your best per level. - Beam weapon based on how many resources you gather - Shot speed power up - Smart bomb weapon - Jump back in space to avoid enemies - 100 levels - Game Center achievements & Leaderboards

Release Notes:

Minimum requirements have changed.
Updated to latest Unity 5.4.f1.
Updated icon.
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App Details:


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