Tower Defense meets physics. Early playable prototype.

Download for:

  • Mac OS X Sierra (Signed)
  • Windows 10

    v0.06 Changes:
    – overhauled the prototype artwork / completely new look
    – play in 3D (was previously restricted to top-down view)
    – added ‘Help’ button; explains controls
    – new controls work in 3D (spin around focus, zoom in / out)
    – add warning indicator that points to newly spawning enemies
    – redesigned level sequence
    – added new “boost” item; place near turrets and can be configured to increase shoot frequency or range.
    – fixed issues with enemy navigation around slower moving enemies.
    – added some basic sound effect work for all items and enemies
    – improved water splash effect
    – misc. fixes

    – when you are in the game, click on the ‘Help’ button to see latest controls.

    Tower Defense meets physics. Early playable prototype.

    v0.05 Changes:
    – added restart option
    – added victory detection
    – added new tougher enemy / 2nd wave
    – added spawn “covers” / prevents placing turrets on top of the enemy
    – added wave / progress bar
    – fixed issue with stuck enemies
    – misc. fixes

    v0.04 Changes:
    – updated main menu / loading system
    – added proper “level” (with nicer graphics and water)
    – added nav mesh system
    – added nicer font
    – increased base level enemy health (makes game more challenging)
    – removed WebGL version (odd issues / differences with binary versions)

    v0.03 Changes:
    – fixed placement bug where area would be clear but you couldn’t place turret or barrier
    – added 3D placement (and rock to place a turret on)
    – fixed bugs with turret aiming / firing in certain cases

    v0.02 Changes:
    – added barrier item
    – adjusted cost of turret
    – new item placement / hold Left Ctrl to rotate item prior to placing it
    – click placed items to see range and health status