Dawn of the Robot Empire – Update v1.0.5

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Witness first hand the Dawn of the Robot Empire. Can you stop the invading robotic forces from another galaxy? Blast your way to victory in this retro sci-fi shooter. You’ll need fast reflexes and an accurate aim to win.

Available NOW on Steam / Early Access.

v1.0.5 Changes:
– Added new ‘spin robot’
– Reworked later enemy waves to include new robot and last longer.
– Improved standard robot movement
– Improved hover bot homing bullet deflection with shield (more accurate / faster response)
– Improved physical interaction of staff / shield with the world and new spin robot.
– Added build version to pause menu.
– Added new audio effects for player damage (from blades, rocks or electric shock).
– Fixed bug with standard robot lightning attack (if gravity is off).
– Fixed bug with spider climbing up steep incline.
– Fixed bug to prevent snake eye from being damaged when speared simply by shaking staff.



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