It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to say about TriBlaster. Two pieces of good news – I’ve now resumed publishing duties on my game and I have a fairly large update coming in the next week or two. Currently it’s pending a review in the Apple App Store and I’ll follow up with the Android and Steam versions later in the month.

So… what happened to TriBlaster2? A while back I was asked by the publisher (at that time BulkyPix) to make a unique version for the Nvidia Shield. That was called TriBlaster Remix. I’m not exactly sure what happened but that got released in the Google play store and could be downloaded for all compatible android devices. Unfortunately that was never my intention as it was built just for Nvidia Shield.

So, rather than cause confusion I wanted to get iOS, Android and Steam all on the same version – hence the name TriBlaster3.

TriBlaster3 Features:

– Updated branding
– Start new game where you left off.
– Updated gameplay mechanics (requires more skill to play)
– Remastered levels (updates and re-ordering)
– Added shot speed power up
– Added smart bomb weapon
– Improved aesthetic of “glowing” lines
– Improved enemy scoring attract demo


To celebrate the impending release on iOS; I’ve lowered the price. Keep in mind that this link is for the original TriBlaster. However, if you purchase this now you’ll get the update to TriBlaster3 as soon as it goes live.


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