RetinaPro v1.4 for NGUI is now available on the Unity Asset Store

Version 1.4

  • requires Unity 4.x (no longer supports 3.5.7)
  • tested on NGUI 2.7.0
  • retinaProUtil needs to be added to your scene on a game object. Alternatively you can drop the new RetinaProPrefab into your scene (note: this prefab also includes retinaProAtlasController – please remove that from your scene if it’s already there.)
  • improved retinaProUtil refresh method. Note: this method is no longer static. Should be called like :- retinaProUtil.sharedInstance.refreshAllWidgetsPixe lPerfect(myGameObject);
  • refreshAllWidgetsPixelPerfect now fixes up atlas and font references for any widgets in the hierarchy
  • added bool check for retinaProAtlasController to enable / disable the auto-refresh on startup. This is useful if you want to manage all your updates via the new refreshAllWidgetsPixelPerfect method. When this is off RetinaPro will refresh the active device and fix the UIRoot but will not refresh any atlases or fonts. When this is on it behaves as it previously did.
  • fixed issue with sprite padding setting. Refreshing an atlas no longer resets these values.

If you require NGUI 3.x support please contact me directly via the RetinaPro support email address.

Unity Asset Store

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