RetinaPro for NGUI / Unity3D Editor Extension (v1.2.2 Update)

RetinaPro for NGUI will save you many hours on a small project and even more on larger projects. RetinaPro provides an easy way for managing large numbers of atlases across many different device sizes.

Once you start supporting multiple devices (screen sizes) in your project the amount of effort to maintain and fix issues in your atlases explodes.

1. Setup up your device types which are project wide.
2. Add your atlas definitions
3. Add art files into Unity.

One click to create or refresh an atlas.

Manage device and atlas settings in the RetinaPro settings panel. Override settings like padding, filtering and texture formats on a per atlas basis.

Preview option allows you to refresh all of the atlas references to a specific device.

Contains example scene showing a sample configuration. Includes scripts for runtime loading of atlases.

Version 1.2.2 Changes:

  • Added support for portrait / landscape orientations
  • Added retinaProIgnoreUIRoot script. Drop this script on a gameobject that has a UIRoot script attached. Doing this will cause RetinaPro to ignore this UIRoot and thus not modify the manual height setting

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